Which is best to start Poultry or Dairy farm ?

            Everyone gets this doubt before starting an commercial agriculture activity. Each business has its own advantages and disadvantages. We have to take decision based on the internal and external factors for the business. 

Advantages in dairy farm / Disadvantages in Poultry :-

  • Diseases : Main drawback in poultry industry is diseases. In Poultry, birds are to sensitive. There is huge amount of risk involved in Poultry than diary farm. There is more possibility to lose a batch if one bird is diseased. 
  • Market risk : Till now, i have not seen that price of milk has got down in any circumstance. But, In poultry external factors influences market (Price of products).
  • Feed : If you want to produce feed for your dairy farm, we can produce 70% of ingredients on our self. But for poultry it will not works as dairy farms. 
  • Human Infection of certain diseases : There are certain infections which will transmit from chicken to human. But as of my knowledge is no disease which is transferred from cattle to human. So, we should be very careful which handling poultry.

Advantages in poultry / Disadvantages in dairy farm :-

  • Investment : When compared to dairy farm, poultry farm requires less amount of investment. Which means in India, if you want to start dairy farm with minimum 10 animals. you need an amount of minimum 10,00,000/-. But, if you work every thing good only 5 to 6 lakhs is enough to start a poultry farm to get returns as of dairy farm.

Conclusion :-

        Hope this article help you for taking a wise decision. As of said above every business has it own advantage and disadvantage. So, analyse your self which is more suitable business for you. If you have any suggestions are recommendation relating to this article comment below.

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