How to sell Agriculture products online in India

              There are so many ways to sell agriculture products online in India. I’m writing only few.

  • E-Commerce Websites : There are so many eCommerce portals in India for farmers to sell agriculture products to consumers. In 2016, Government of India has official launched eCommerce portal (eNam) for farmers. So, using of eCommerce portals can increase the change of making maximum profit will increases.
  • Social Media : One of the other possible way to sell agriculture products online is Social media. The success of facebook, twitter etc., has help many small business owners in fetch new customers. So, social media can be used to sell agriculture products online. Simply just create a facebook page with attractive banner, images and add your products.
  • Online Market Place : In advancement of technology, selling agriculture products online just got much more easier. There are many online market places in India like Kisan Mandi, Agri Bazaar, Kisan Market etc., 
  • Personal web store : Depending on others will always be not safe. So, its better to create your own brand and personal web store. Now-a-days at nominal prices there are so many company to create web store. So, contact them.

Conclusion :- Use online platforms like market place, social media, eCommerce stores, Your personal web store  to sell agriculture products to get maximum profits.

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